Needs / Follow up

In meeting the needs of the business projects we support throughout the territory of the Memphremagog MRC, the CAE is the partner of those who have the greatest interest in making sure their project succeeds: the business owners.

Because business owners are often highly preoccupied with their daily operations, the team at the CAE Memphrémagog enables them to step outside the box to obtain a new perspective on their operations and strategies. The CAE Memphrémagog also provides opportunities to bring business owners together to share their challenges.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in different sectors of the economy and we are pleased to share this knowledge and expertise with our clients.

At the CAE Memphrémagog, our services are distinct because the businesses that obtain financing through us can also receive business consulting services to bring their project to fruition.

Studies show that businesses that consult and are served by us are significantly more likely to succeed and thrive.

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