Our origins

The Memphremagog Business Help Centre, best known by its French name CAE Memphrémagog, was founded in 1985, more than thirty years ago!

With a fervent desire to stimulate local development, members of the business community in the Memphremagog MRC along with the Magog-Orford Chamber of Commerce came together to build an organization that would support and improve businesses by offering complementary financial services and consulting advice. Their goal was to foster the kinds of plans that would enhance business projects and create economic vitality.

The process they set into motion led to the development of the CAE Memphrémagog Inc., whose objective has been from the very start to support local businesses that do not benefit from the same access as those in large urban centres to a wide range of services supporting entrepreneurship and stimulating the creation and maintenance of employment. The energy that went into the creation of this organization helped generate dynamic projects in small municipalities, creating wealth, an attractive place to live, and a sense of belonging among the people in the community.

Today, over 30 years later, the CAE Memphrémagog Inc. continues to address the needs of the community and contribute to economic vitality throughout the territory by supporting quality projects in thriving business environments and by adapting to fluctuations and trends in the business world.

 Community Development Program (CDP)

The CAE Memphrémagog Inc. was originally an initiative of the Ministry of Employment and Immigration Canada who set up tools to enable communities to take charge of their own future, prioritize actions and foster economic leaders in their community. Today, there are 258 organizations throughout all ten provinces in Canada that invest time and energy in their community’s economic development.

 Member of the Network of Community Futures and Business Help Centres

cae-sadcIn Quebec, the CAE Memphrémagog Inc. is a member of the Community Futures Development Corporations and Business Help Centres (known by their French acronyms SADC and CAE, respectively). The network includes 57 SADCs and 10 CAEs in Quebec, who have been working for over 30 years in community development, ranging from communities in the far north all the way down to the U.S. border, and from the western border with Ontario east to the Magdalen Islands.

Each SADC and CAE in the network initiates and supports structural economic projects in the community, accompanying and financing entrepreneurs in their initiatives, always with a focus on increasing community vitality.

By creating synergy among the member entities, the network of SADCs and CAEs enables all 67 members to offer the kinds of services and products that help them better serve their respective communities. The network helps SADCs and CAEs to share and exchange information on practical business issues, and how to account for the special characteristics and needs of each community in fostering the development of local business!

As well, the network enables its members to upgrade their knowledge through training sessions or common projects to develop human resources and support business projects in their respective communities.

 The Network of SADCs and CAEs in Quebec now includes:

 The CAE Memphrémagog is:

 The CAE Memphrémagog also:

The CAE Memphrémagog inc. represents Canada Economic Development in the Memphremagog MRC, providing local businesses with a wide range of services and programs that support innovative and/or structural projects, leading to economic vitality in our community.

Depending on your business and related needs, you will receive our help in researching information, finding key human resources, and obtaining sources of financing to ensure your project’s chances at success.

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